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Sanwa launched the SGS-01C drift remote control car gyro system, which is specifically designed for drift remote control cars, which can effectively reduce the Scx10 Upgrades difficulty of manipulation Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car caused by tail flick or under, oversteer. Can be used with Sanwa M12, Exzes-Z or Remote Control Race Track MT-4S remote control to set the sensitivity of the gyroscope, even during the control process. It weighs only 10 grams, measures 30.0×23.2×8.0mm, and supports 3.7-7.4V input voltage. In addition to being suitable for drifting remote control cars, off-road vehicles are also suitable for use. Horizon AVC, HPI D-BOX, etc. have already entered the market. It is believed that more and more manufacturers will launch similar products.
After warming up for a while, Bittydesign officially launched the new M410 bodyshell, suitable for 1/10 electric RVs with a width of 190mm. According to feedback from the brand ’s drivers from all over the world, plus Bittydesign ’s accumulated 10 years of shell research and development experience, whether it is indoor or outdoor, asphalt or carpet track, the M410 can exert excellent performance. Grams, 0.75mm thickness, strengthened in key positions, both lightweight and high strength characteristics, the overall aerodynamic performance is improved compared to similar car shells of the same factory. Especially on high-speed corners, the stability and grip are further improved, and the handling response is better. It complies with EFRA and IFMAR regulations and can be used in major events. Although this car shell is not authorized by the real car manufacturer, the design of the ghost mask on the front face is inspired by BMW, product number BDTC-190M410.

After launching its own brand in the engine market, GRP has released a patented ‘Fast Link System’ (FLS) series of exhaust pipes and elbows. The new exhaust pipe complies with the latest EFRA regulations and uses particularly hard materials to prevent impact deformation. And it is 5% lighter than the existing series and has more powerful power output. The exhaust port uses 3D CNC cutting technology to make the shape stronger. There are corresponding models of .21 flat road, .21BUGGY and .28TRUGGY, and there are 3 bends of different lengths to choose from.

Flat road model

Off-road model

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Mon-Tech in Italy has launched a new Mito-RX ca Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car r shell, suitable for 1/10 FWD front-drive electric RVs and pull applications. Re Remote Control Race Track searched and develop Rustler Transmission Upgrade ed in collaboration with the Italian Teak Racing rallycros team to provide a real appearance and good performance. With a thickness of 0.75mm, it is suitable for 190mm width RVs, FWD front-wheel drive, and tension frame installation.
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Tamiya High Lift pickup trucks have recently become very popular. The factory will release a new model on November 1st. Its prototype is the ‘TUNDRA’, a very popular model in North America. The car is four-wheel drive, three-speed. In addition to the usual exquisite mechanical parts, the biggest selling point is that it comes with two snowboard models, which are very northern. In addition, a large number of light groups can allow LED enthusiasts to play a lot of tricks.

AJS Machine launches V2.0 climbing remote control car trailer. With CNC technology, 6061 aluminum, Lexan and wood surfaces allow players to personalize the look of the trailer. Perfect support for Axial SCX10 Dingo, Honcho and Unlimited Rubicon climbing bikes.

Capricorn from Italy has launched LAB. 21 Europa off-road vehicle engine, this is a high-performance 3.5cc engine with lightweight heat sink, balanced crankshaft, and 3port turbo. This engine has strong torque and excellent fuel consumption.

Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com] \u0026 amp; redrc.net