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Hpi Rc Bodies The engine performance of RB is outstanding, especially the RB off-road engine has been recognized by many top drivers. There are definitely RBs in domestic and foreign events. In addition to the engine, RB has also been activ Rc Ford Mustang ely developing RC accessory products in recent years, such as the RB Pit toolbox. The latest launch is the RB trolley bag (L.44xW.32xH.66), RB Fans and Friends who want to buy premium bags may wish to consider that the appearance is very attractive, and hope that the domestic price will also be within a reasonable range.

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Sanwa M11X is a 4-channel 2.4GHz FHSS-3 top remote control. With the fastest response time in the world. Built-in 30 sets of model data memory, 12 different user data records, 100% compatible with all types of servos, the receiver’s high heat resistance and low voltage (minimum 2.0V) work make the receiver more durable and durable, will not be affected Thermal and receiving electrical effects. M11X is compatible with the full range of Sanwa’s 2.4Ghz FHSS-2 receivers. Many top drivers, including Marc Rheinard, who have won multiple world championship titles, use Sanwa products! Equipped with an ultra-high-speed RX-451R receiver, you can experience unprecedented high-speed control response experience!
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Shock the group purchase price of 1888 packs and log in RCFans group purchase, the quantity is limited! Want to buy quickly! Enter the RCFans group purchase website now!Last week Kyosho announced that it would re-launch the 1980 Scorpion 2WD buggy, and details of this legendary product have now been announced. The original Scorpion was developed using the original designer. The original design is almost the same as the original, but some parts have been upgraded. Including shock absorbers, 48P gears, sealed differentials, and limited-slip differentials have been upgraded or used new parts, in addition to increasing strength and performance. Kyosho has not announced the product launch date, and it is expected to be announced at the Shizuoka Model Show.
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Hudy introduces two accessory tools, including an aluminum parts tray (product number # 108190) and an aluminum tool holder (product number # 199060). High-quality aluminum, black electroplated appearance. The tool tray has 4mm an Rc Ford Mustang d 5mm banana plug holes for easy welding. The tool holder can store commonly used RC tools such as screwdrivers, needle- Remote Control Racing Car nose pliers and car shell scissor Scx10 Ii Parts s.
Kyosho Kyosho launched the new KT531P and KT432PT compatible receivers, specifically for the Mini-Z Evo mosquito cart. Supporting Kyosho original KT series remote control also allows Mini-Z Evo models to use more different types of remote control equipment.
TKO launches carbonized fiber protection device for Losi 8ight T (truggy) rear suspension. The factory claims that this lightweight, hard part can protect 8ight’s suspension and prevent mud from accumulating on the rear suspension!
DSCF0006.jpgCROSSRC recently released the HC6 upgrade tent kit for CROSSRC’s latest HC6 off-road truck.
Respectively meet the needs of the majority of RCFans for HC6 green, camouflage paint and desert paint. The base of the tent support rod has been reserved in the original HC6 car, and the HC6 can be more simulated by simple installation. The tent kit is designed without screws and glue, easy to disassemble, and only needs to tighten the rope, the top of the tent shows a natural tight state, which is consistent with the effect of a real car tent. Part numbers 97400293 and 97400294.