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Scx10 Ii Axles

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Xray launches XB9 1/8 off-road vehicl Scx10 Ii Axles e, this is the replacement of XB8! The XB9 is not a minor modification of the XB8. It uses a new platform. The weight distribution of the frame is better. The twisting adjustment of the frame can adapt to various types of tracks. The new shock absorber and transmission system effectively improve the handling and transmission performance. !! In fact, the XB9 has been tested by factory drivers Cheap Remote Control Car and ordinary drivers for a long time. The new car is easier to handle, pays more attention to details, and strives for a qualitative leap in overall performance! I believe that the XB9 is a very mature and stable top-level racing oil-powered off-road vehicle! For more details of the new XB9 car, please pay close attention to the RCFans report!

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Brushless ESCs / motors have gradually entered the practice and competition of rcfans worldwide. More and more events also allow the use of brushless equipment. LRP’s brushless system has always been loved by everyone, and today they released a set of brushless enhancement kits. Includes the following parts:
LRP Brushless Worlds Option Kit
-LRP low-profile heat sink
-LRP high-speed fan
-Large LRP power capacitor
-Fits Sphere and Sphere Competition

Lithium battery brand three-lap overbearing Sunpadow announced that it has signed a contract with the top driver Max Mächler from Germany. Max Mächler is the champion of the 1/10 electric caravan Stock group in the 2018 European Vehicle Model Championships. Stock project champion. Max Mächler will also assist Sunpadow in the development and technological improvement of the Pro Stock project lithium battery product. He said: starting in 2019, I will join the Sunpadow international team. I am very happy to work with the Sunpadow team. I Buildable Rc Cars n the next time, I will use a full range of Sunpadow batteries for all events.

Scx10 Ii Axles, Axial Rock Crawler, Associated Rc Cars

In September 2016 Traxxas launched the Bigfoot 1/10 two-wheel dr Associated Rc Cars ive electric big foot remote control car. The classic BIGFOOT® real car is used as a prototype to copy to the remote control car, and the large ground clearance has excellent passability. The new ‘Red, White and Blue Edition’ bodyshell coating is released and is still officially manufactured by BIGFOOT. The new bodyshell is f Axial Rock Crawler ull of American Stars and Stripes style. The XL-5 waterproof electronic transmission and Titan® 12-Turn 550 motor make up the power system; TQ remote control, and the vehicle’s waterproof electronic equipment make the car capable of all-weather, all-terrain walking. Extremely easy to break through 48km / h. Part number 36084-1.
Kyosho will soon launch the FO-XX 1/8 basher truck. Based on the upgraded Twin / Mad Force frame, 4WD transmission, using a lightweight vertical frame design, like a true proportions shell, the front bumper is compatible with the Scorpion XXL LED light set, and is available in oil-powered RTR and electric RTR versions. Large-capacity shock absorbers, KT-200 2.4GHz remote control, waterproof high-torque steering gear (KS-203), 25-class engine (KE25) with three-speed transmission or electric brushless are all included in the product. I believe this new car will be full of walking and modification fun.
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Bittydesign launches the Striker-SR 1/10 2012 RV housing. It was developed by top Italian drivers, including Francesco Tironi, and tested in Thailand to face the world race. The characteristics of the car shell can provide excellent control efficiency and good rear stability, and the newly designed rear wing can provide a new control experience. This car shell is available in 200mm width 1/10 oil room frame and 190mm width electric Scx10 Ii Axles room (asphalt pavement). The shell thickness is 0.75mm, which is a lightweight version.
200mm style 190mm style

Cheap Remote Control Car, Scx10 Ii Axles, Axial Rock Crawler

RC4WD launches Distorted 1.9 ″ aluminum rims authorized by Cali. It adopts u Axial Rock Crawler nique aero engine blade design, like laser engraved blac Scx10 Ii Axles k logo central Cheap Remote Control Car wheel cover, 12mm adapter, the product uses high quality aluminum plus CNC Craft manufacturing. Diameter 54mm, width 26mm, weight 61.2 grams. Product number Z-W0295.
Hong Kong-based brand Carisma plans to launch the 1/24 mini climbing remote control car MSA-1E in November 2018, with Subaru Brat and Coyote Pup shells. Carisma has always been known for its high degree of emulation and good details, but this time the spy shots look very rough. 4WD, three modes of 2.4G remote control (beginner, intermediate and expert), 130MAH NiMH battery with USB charging and other standard configuration.
Mon-Tech from Italy launches the F15 Formula 1/10 remote control car shell. With a modern F1 shell design and a low front nose, it can provide excellent curve performance, suitable for asphalt or carpet high-speed tracks.

Jingshang released the latest model of the V-One RRR 1 to 10 RV, called Evo 2. This car is only an improvement on the previous version, with few new design parts, mainly improving performance, stability and ease of maintenance.

The chassis is a completely new design with a narrower front end. The second floor equipment board adds strength. The car also borrows the Evolva M3’s two-speed transmission, using a thicker rear oil frame with improved geometry, and the rear A arm is longer to accommodate standard 0-OFFSET wheels.