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The biggest highlight of the TENSHOCK SC41 is that it has a multi-magnetic pole, which can provide powerful torque to the model car while gi Traxxas X Maxx Motor ving the player a more delicate control feeling. Secondly, the rotor adopts the structure of dovetail slot + Kaipura (bulletproof fiber) wrapping, which can prevent the occurrence of the rotor explosion to the maximum extent and ensure the durability of the motor.

Motor size:

Length: 66.5mm

Diameter: 36mm

Axle diameter: 5mm

Outlet length: 240mm 12 # silicone wire

TENSHOCK SC411 provides four The K / V options for players are:

5200k / v 4600k / v 4000k / v 3500k / v

Pro-Line launched two 1.9-inch all-terrain tires for simulation cli Rc Sprint Car Kits mbing vehicles, namely Class 1 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T / A KM3 and BFGoodrich Krawler T / A KX Red Label Predator rock. The first is KM3, manufactured by the original manufacturer of BFGoodrich. The G8 has a high grip style and a rough pattern (Krawler T / A KX symmetrical pattern). It has self-cleaning properties and is suitable for soft and muddy soils and wet rock climbing terrain. Part number 10152-14.
Kyosho’s Mini-Z remote-controlled Stampede Rc Car motorcycle launched the Ducati Desmosedici GP11. This 1/18 mini remote control car is equipped with a brushless motor, a gyroscope and a 118mm height Valentino Rossi (Rossi) Moto GP painted shell. Rossi has won many Moto GP world championships, Beijing Commercial Authorized by Ducati factory to copy Rossi chariot and his model to Mini-Z. 2.4GHz remote control and 3.7V 120mAh lithium battery, charger and simple tools are also included in the product. Welcome to the RCFans remote control motorcycle discussion area to participate in the interaction- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter

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Muchmore introduces the MR-QVC lithium battery voltage detector, which c Rc Sprint Car Kits an perform fast voltage measurement on 2S to 8S lithium Stampede Rc Car batteries, with a measurable voltage range of 4.5-36V. This product allows players / drivers to understand the status of lithium battery, whether it is inside or outside the car, it is easy to Gas Powered Rc Trucks 4X4 use. LC display with backlight, 4mm European banana plug, built-in positive and negative plug protection.

RB introduces air filters for 1/5 gasoline vehicles. This filter can be fixed very securely on most petrol RC car frames, including HPI Baja 5B and 5T. This product is a high flow design, while providing good dust resistance and easy maintenance.

Fastrax launches Power-Start starter box, single belt dual 775 motor design, built-in cooling fan, suitable for all kinds of 1/8 or 1/10 oil-powered remote control cars. Can use two sets of 7.2v NiMh batteries or two sets of 7.4v lithium batteries, can also use external batteries, Tamiya battery connector.

After 1 to 10, the Pingping tram has been hardly noticed in the country in recent years, and it has also fallen into a low tide worldwide. Corally dug out the car a few years ago and developed a Formula 1 frame. It is said that this car has a titanium-reinforced front suspension, a rear gearbox component brought over from 1:12, and a friction-type suspension lever. F1 also has a single rocker-type steering mechanism.