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Mini electric house is popular today, many automakers have made 1/12 electric car models. This set of 4wd conversion parts is prepared by tech racing for Tamiya’s m03 series 1/12 mini car. It can be used for Tamiya’s mini (M series (Car) Converted from 2wd to 4wd.


For: M03 Car body is not included! Short wheelbase 210mm A main chassis made by cargon graphite An upper deck made by carbon graphite Front and rear damper stay made by carbon graphite Front and rear bod Tamiya Rc Cars ymount stay made by carbon graphite It is mounted furont and rear suspension made by duralumin It is mounted a motor made by duralumin Light blue alumite treatment Two belt drive 4WD (low friction bemt adoption) Front and rear ball deff (a delrin housing) Center direct specifications (second slow down 2.333)

-Quick warming (30 ~ 80 C, Traxxas Race Car 100 C)
-CTX-2step, 3step warming
-Lap timer

Front \u0026 amp; Rear temperature can be set independently
Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by IC
Tire cooker control pins equipped
Car stand design, Light weight (620g)
Removable front \u0026 amp; rear tire warmers
Wireless action by battery pack (optional-not included)
Inserted battery can be charged outside without disassembly
Various alarm system like disconnection, delay, low input voltage etc.
Celcious-Fahrenheit selectable display
Minimum temperature
5 different beep ton Traxxas Rc Cars Amazon es
Adjustable back light and contrast

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Product from Taiwan Team Ma Team Associated Rc10 gic (TM), SLS car Wall Remote Control Car shell, this car shell is specially designed by TM company for their ED4 RV series, but since this product is not authorized by Mercedes Tamiya Rc Cars -Benz, everyone ca n’t see the Mercedes-Benz logo ( (Replaced with TM logo), but the authenticity of the car shell is good, and the details can be handled well. Friends who like SLS can consider starting. Previously, this car shell needed to be sold with the E4D frame, but Japan has started to sell SLS car shells independently. It is estimated that this product can also be found in mainland China, which is suitable for various 1/10 electric RVs.

Weibo synced to adminTaiwan’s emerging brand CARTEN will launch the first-generation 4WD straight-shaft drive 1/10 RV M210 Mini (M car). It adopts composite fiber bottom plate, second floor plate and shock-absorbing bracket, and the battery compartment position supports various sizes of batteries. The hydraulic shock absorber uses a metal upper cover, a steel CVD drive shaft, an aluminum alloy darma seat, an aluminum alloy central drive shaft, and an aluminum alloy large tooth fixed seat. The factory-prepared suspension, differential, and tie rods are pre-installed, and the tires are optional by the player. Tooth difference kits will be launched simultaneously, metal upgrades will be launched simultaneously, so stay tuned.
Width 166mm, wheelbase 208-210mm, reduction ratio 2.353, gear ratio 5.46, tire diameter 55mm.Kyosho Kyosho launched the new Inferno GT 2 VE Race Spec 1/8 electric GT remote control car equipped with an Audi R8 body. Support up to 4S lithium batteries, using the powerful Team Orion Vortex 8 brushless motor and Vortex R8 electronic transmission. The remote control has been replaced with the new Syncro KT-331P. High-definition LCD display, anti-runaway, ABS and other functions are standard features of this remote control. High-torque KS-5031-09MW metal gear servo is also included in the product. As for the frame, a side protection plate is added, which can greatly improve the rigidity of the frame, and the long wheelbase frame makes the vehicle more stable. The car shell authorized by Audi is authorized to be spray-painted at the factory, part number 34102B.

Traxxas Race Car, Tamiya Rc Cars, Wall Remote Control Car

In 1997, Hong Kong’s Xpress launched their first remote-controlled car, and the brand later ‘sold out.’ Entering 2016, Xpress announced that it will launch four new cars this year. It can be seen from the publicity map that they are all electric RV / M car products. Details Xpress will be announced one after another.
FID Racing Tomahawk Wheel This is a new attempt to break through the conventional fixing method. During this test, the test was performed using a strong hammer and pressing with the wheel. As a result, the Tomahawk wheel was Wall Remote Control Car only deformed and did not break. , Tomahawk wheel off-road best weapon
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the FID Racing brand zone to participate in the interaction
T.O.P. Racing launches a new aluminum flat car car stand with built-in small parts storage box, which saves space and serves both purposes. Suitable for 1/10 electric and oil rooms of various brands. Red and black are available for players to choose from.

T-Work ‘s launched a sponge front bumper, suitable f Tamiya Rc Cars or use with Mugen MTC1 electric touring car. This product has the same length as the front bumper of Mugen MTC1, uses hig Traxxas Race Car h-quality imported materials, weighs more than the original, increases the weight of the front end of the vehicle, and makes the turn faster. Product Numbers: TA-115-M.