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After suspending everyone’s appetite for a day yesterday, HPI finally released the real photo of D8. Let’s take a look together.

New suspension and chassis design
Optimized Suspension Geometry to attack the rigors of the new age 1 / 8th scale tracks. Centralized Weight Distribution provides superb balance with increased transitional agility.

HB Certified Body
Intimidate the competition with a sleek, no nonsense body that is sure to turn heads.

Jumbo Sized Wheels
Grab a larger piece of turf with the D8’s Maxed out wheel dimensions. The largest wheels allowed under ROAR rules, these puppies will put more of your tr Rc Mini Cooper ead on the ground so you can put mor Nitro Rc Cars For Sale e of your rivals behind you .

Colossal 16mm Big Bore Shocks
The Super-sized shock package is Tamiya Rc Models the largest in its class allowing the D8 to recover from the roughest of landings. Whether you’re making a big-air jump pass in the main or taking a flying leap over a building the D8’s 16mm Big Bore’s will allow you to jump, and land with confidence.

4mm chassis
The staunch 4mm 707 5 Aluminum chassis is designed to withstand any barrage of obstacles on today’s mammoth outdoor tracks. 10 degrees of kick up compliments the suspension package to get the D8 across the finish line ahead of everyone else.

New fuel tank with proven HPI Baja 5B clunk design
Utilizing 1 / 5th scale technology the D8 implements a new clunk design which will use every drop of fuel whether you’re racing to the line, or upside down waiting for a marshal.

One piece radio tray
The one piece tray allows for easy maintenance as it can be removed in one section when you need to clean the dirt off your ride .

One piece engine mounts
A rock solid single piece mount makes removal and installation of your engine as easy as removing 4 screws. The one piece design allows you to set the gear mesh once and not worry about adjustments during maintenance.

Low profile air filter
The new slammed look of the filter not only looks pro, b ut provides a larger surface area for your engine to breath through.

Captured Hinge Pins
Throw away those pesky E-clips and revel in the D8’s captured hinge-pin design . Each pin is secured using button head screws, giving you the ultimate in durability and ease of maintenance.

4.3: 1 internal gear ratio
5 × 11mm clutch bearings

< EM> Dimensions:
Chassis Length (from Bumper to rear wing end) no tire: 500mm
Width: 305mm
Wheelbase: 328-331mm
Kit Weight: 3.5kg (7.7lbs ) with racing gear
Drive System: 4WD Shaft System

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RB Innovations launches Supercharger for 1/5 petrol remote control cars, which can improve performance Nitro Rc Cars For Sale immediately without too much modification of existing engines! The supercharging device installed on the engine is connected to the engine crankshaft by a belt. It obtains power from the engine output shaft to drive the rotor of the supercharger to rotate and inhale air into t Tamiya Rc Models he engine, effectively improving power performance!
Video introduction:


Drive system; This syste Traxxas Ford Fiesta St Rally Upgrade m is belt driven from the engines crankshaft using a custom clutch plate. The clutch plate drives our high strength drive belt manufactured from a proprietary blend of materials. This belt allows our high speed 90 degree driveline to be extremely efficient. Power loss due to driveline restrictions is extremely important especially with smaller engines. The main super-charger pulley can be changed for increased overdrive and boost. Impeller Assembly; The heart of this centrifugal supercharger is the impeller with it’s sophisticated design. We manufacture the impellers using an extremely strong but light-weight proprietary aluminum alloy. This process secures close dimensional tolerance and excellent surface finish. Each impeller is dynamically balanced which delivers smooth operation. Housing Assembly; In order to effectively take advantage of impeller design, flow must be efficiently channeled so that pressure rise can be generated with minimal losses. The housing is optimally matched to the impeller flow providing maximum efficiency with this supercharger design. The housing is chrome plated and has O-ring seals. Incorporated into the housing design is the fuel pump pulse line which channels the pulse from the engine to the carburetor. Built into the housing in a nitrous injection port which allows easy nitrous installation.

9450 – $ 275.00

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HB Racing launches the new D418 1/10 4WD Buggy. With a new aluminum base plate and side protection, the D817 uses a type design. The aluminum base plate makes this racing-grade electric off-road vehicle more durable and lower center of gravity, further reducing the opera Tamiya Rc Models ting temperature of the motor and reducing unnecessary high frequency vibration of the frame. The protective plates made of nylon material on both sides of the bottom plate can effectively prevent mud and dust from entering the frame. Based on the excellent weight distribution experience of the E817, D418 also borrowed from it, and the center of gravity distribution of the entire vehicle was fully optimized.

HB Racing’s unique monocoque suspension rocker is also equipped with D418, 12mm large-capacity shock absorber, making the entire suspension more precise and more detailed.

The strong 4WD drive system consists of a steel central drive shaft, a steel differential gear, a steel CVA driv Traxxas Ford Fiesta St Rally Upgrade e shaft, and an aluminum rim adapter. The D418’s central gearbox also features a separate design for quick disassembly and maintenance. Supports multiple batteries, including short-life lithium batteries, allowing drivers / players to find more frame weight settings, suitable for different tracks. The steering system has also been upgraded with more adjustable set Remote Control Magic Tracks tings and an exploration steering rocker. Add the car body and rear wing with JConcepts specially designed for D418.
After two weeks, the GPM brought some small X upgrades. Now that the players’ scheduled cars are almost in place, the GPM has also developed 70% of the upgrades made by this car. Only fast is not broken ‘, GPM will launch new products to make Fans have fun at the fastest speed, the most accurate data and the best quality!
First model: Aluminum C front seat
1.Aluminium alloy material, more sturdy, not easy to deform, good fixation
2. Designed by Saigang Kona to reduce the gap to a minimum
3. Equipped with a large stainless steel needle, it is not easy to rust, and the stability and smoothness are better
The second model: aluminum alloy combined with POM plastic Kona front steering cup, rear cup
1. The material is upgraded to aluminum alloy With the addition of POM plastic Kona, the gap is minimized, and the bearing and steering cup are accurately combined.
2.POM’s high rigidity and good toughness, so that the bearing will not fall off due to severe vibration
3. Exquisite striped knife path and three-dimensional cutting surface make the car more metallic and three-dimensional.
4. Two lever holes in the front steering cup can adjust the lever angle.
Third section: 45 # 加 硬 钢Head + aluminum alloy cylinder with universal telescopic CVD universal joints
1. Change the original design, change the cross head design to CVD rotary type, stronger transmission force
2.45 # Plus hard steel head plus Upper body made of aluminum alloy, with thickened joints, stronger and more powerful, and not heavy. 3. Retractable design makes it more space. Better shape
Fourth model: Aluminum alloy body left and right outer wing guards (two models, with and without silver edge models)
1. Aluminum alloy material, more sturdy and more protective
2. CNC precision machining, fit the body, the stepped knife pattern has a more three-dimensional, layered sense.
3. Shiny silver-edged processing, more dazzling appearance.
Fifth: Aluminum alloy steering combination 1. Aluminum alloy material , More solid, resistant to steering wear, more powerful steering
2. Precise bearing position to make steering more stable
3. The fixed hole positions at both ends of the beam are designed with POM Kona, which is more smooth, durable and equipped with Stainless steel king pin, better fixation and no rust
Section 6: Aluminum alloy front, middle and rear universal differential case
I recommend it to everyone in this issue, we will see you in the third round !! !! !!
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