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Sanwa introduces a new steering gear that uses unique SSR technology to increase the response speed to a new level. The SRG series introduced two new products this time, of which the SRG-CT model uses high-precision metal gears, brushless motors, and double bearings, which are very suitable for the original Sanwa M11X, MT-4 and ExzesX remote control equipment. Of course, the SRG rudder The machine also supports all kinds of remote control equipment with non-SSR function. SRG-CT is suitable for 1/8 flat road cars, 1/10 RVs and 1/10 off-road vehicles. The other SRG-CS steering gear has more torque. Please refer to this article for detailed parameters.

Specifications CS
Weight 61g
Size 40.5 x 21 x 38mm
Ball bearing Yes
Xmaxx Rc Car manipulating speed 0.07sec / 40 ° < br> manipulating energy 9. Toys R Us Rc Cars 0kg / cm
Metal gears Yes

Specifications CT
Weight 63g
Size 40.5 x 21 x 38mm
Ball bearing Yes
manipulating speed 0.08sec / 40 °
manipulating energy 14.8kg / cm
Metal gears Yes

Source: LRP

XRS Racing launches remote control metal upgrade handwheel, two-color thick sponge with two-color anodized treatment. Manufa 550 Brushed Motor ctured from 6061 aluminum, metal emulated scribing brake disc and metal brake caliper + screw combination, unique appearance and shape enhance the remote simulation appearance.

Applicable remote control models include FUTABA 3PV, 4PV, 3PL, 4PL, 4PLS, 4PX, 4PXR, 7PX.

SANWA Sanhe: MT4, MT4S, M11X, M11, M12, M12S; domestic Ledi RC3S, RC4G, RC4GS, RC6GS; Tiandifei X4 remote control and TRAXXAS full original remote control.

Remarks: Different remote controls are equipped with different handwheel tails before leaving the factory. When the consumer comes to their hands, they remove the plastic handwheel of the original remote control and directly install metal Just the handwheel.

Patent design products, do not imitate the cottage, otherwise you will be held to the end!

Traxxas Slash Tires, 550 Brushed Motor, Toys R Us Rc Cars

Traxxas has launched a new Nitro Slash 2wd SC truck, equipped with a TRX3.3 high-performance engine, and an EZ-Start electric starter to save players from the pain of pulling hands. Lightweight transmission system, TQ 2.4Ghz remote control are all standard equipment. Speeds above 50 mph! Players only need to add fuel to immediately experience the control pleasure brought by the Traxxas oil short card!
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