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Kyosho MP9 buggy brushless prototype test vehicle was exposed last week. This test car appeared in th Traxxas Accessories e Silver State event. The brushless electric conversion kit is very suitable for MP9 use, and also suitable for Beijing 777 and 7.5 off-road vehicles. The motor uses Team Orion’s test motor. It is expected to be converted this fall. The kit ca Remote Control Buggy n be officially launched. As the ancestor of the oil-powered off-road vehicle, Kyosho (Beijing) is slightly behind other big manufacturers in terms of electric brushless, such as Losi, AE, but Kyosho’s products have always had a very good reputation and best performance. Kyosho’s fans can Budget this kit first!

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Shenzhen Firelap’s 2013 new 1/1 Traxxas Aftermarket Parts 0 electric RV (kit version without electronics) is officially on RCFANS group purchase! The first black blasting belt with silver edging in design, red anodized aluminum alloy differential and dog bone, the pulley is made of brass +6061 aluminum alloy, and anodized, titanium alloy color. The vehicle has 22 imported high-speed ball bearings, 10.9mm high-precision screws with high hardness, hydraulic shock absorbers, and excellent sealing performance. Carbon fiber bottom plate and front and rear hydraulic brackets, high-performance belt drive, tooth difference, aluminum gearbox, etc.! This product is extremely cost-effective!
699 yuan, 5.8% off! There are racing version (IW1001) and drift version (IW1002) optional, please enterHPI launched the Ken Block version of the WR8 FLUX R / C car, which fully replicates the Ken Block Gymhkana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V. car shell. It is equipped with a Flux VEKTOR 4000Kv brushless motor Flux VAPOR Pro electronic transmission that supports 2S and 3S lithium batteries. The remote control equipment uses HPI TF-40 2.4GHz and waterproof SF-10W servo. TARMAC GYMKHANA tires officially manufactured by Pirelli and TARMAC wheels manufactured by fifthif52 The new KB version WR8 is a high-resolution, high-performance pulling machine! Welcome to the HPI brand zone to participate in the discussion video:

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KO Propo launched the RSx one10 low-center-of-gravity servo, which is designed for high-voltage situations an Sakura D3 Parts d supports up to 7.4V input. Built-in brushless motor, all-aluminum gear, reinforced gear shaft, double-bearing design, aluminum radiator and go Traxxas Supercar ld-plated connector are installed in the center of the casing, which shows that this is a high-performance steering gear. The size is 41 × 25.5x21mm, and the weight is 51g. Performance data: 12.0Kg · cm (7.4V), 10.0Kg · cm (6.0V), speed 0.09s / 60 ° (7.4V), 0.1s / 60 ° (6.0V). In addition to the new RSx servos, KO also introduced a new aluminum servo housing for the BSx series of servos. The new housing can increase the strength around the gear installation location. Source:American MiniPro company launched a dynamometer system for 2WD remote control cars. Capable of measuring speed, KV, voltage, current, torque and other data, the maximum support wheelbase is 370mm and vehicle width is 370mm. This ‘remote-control car horsepower machine’ is suitable for analyzing the combined output of electronic transmission settings, motors, gear ratios, etc., allowing players / drivers to digitiz Traxxas Accessories e the performance of the car. Provide accurate real-time data display, draw real-time 2D and 3D graphs, multi-data-centered interface and extreme speed measurement. Suitable models include Formula 1/10 and 1/12 electric flat road cars. MiniPro also has a horsepower machine that supports 4WD models for players / drivers to choose.

VP Pro launches a new RS-619 tool kit, which includes various maintenance tools, including: 4 metric hex screwdrivers (1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0), 3 metric ball screwdrivers (2.0; 2.5; 3.0), 3 metric sockets (5.0; 5.5, 7.0), 2 flat-blade screwdrivers (4.0 * 150; 5.8 * 100), 2 Phillips screwdrivers (3.5 * 120; 5.8 * 100), 2 swing-arm drill tools ( 3.5 * 120; 4.0 * 120), including screw dirt cleaning tools, spring hooks, car shell drills, electric clips, tool holders, tool sets, each with an additional tool kit, which will be available this month.