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Traxxas Battery Adapter

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FX Engines Traxxas Battery Adapter is a private engine company from the Czech Republic. The actual controller is the well-known Hudy family (including Hudy and Xray Diesel Rc Car brands). FX Engine has been established and launched in 2006 for product development. The core product is a remote control car engine (methanol), an Transformer Remote Control Car d only manufactures high-performance race-level products. At present, the brand has officially entered the mass production stage. I believe that product details will be announced soon, everyone will wait and see!

VP PRO launches a new servo rocker. Improved high and low drop structure, using CNC processing to ensure accuracy, high-quality aluminum material is durable. 23T, suitable for JR, Sanwa, KO servos.

FID Racing has launched an all-in-all-metal rear straight bridge for the Warhammer series. Using CNC curved surface processing, the material is GB 6061-T6, and the integrated all-metal rear axle perfectly matches the Warhammer series. Two versions will be released this time, the all-metal integrated rear axle shell and the integrated rear axle. Differential gears are helical bevels, the intermediate drive shaft is 12mm, and the overall length is 475mm.
Axial AX10 Scorpio Climbing
The factory says that this is a kit, which can avoid the difficulties you have to assemble a climbing vehicle (the trouble of ordering different parts), climbing the fans gospel
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Hongnor’s latest X3 SABRE 1/8 racing off-road Sonic Remote Control Car vehicle with Alpha A852 (7ports) high-performa Rc Mclaren nce engine + Hongnor 2080 exhaust set + Hongnor o Traxxas Battery Adapter riginal tire set! The world’s lowest shocking package price is RMB 3550 yuan, including mainland China express delivery! You can immediately own a top 1/8 race-grade gasoline-powered off-road vehicle. The opportunity is rare. The number is very limited. Buy it quickly! Please buyGRC has launched a modified version of the Axial RR10 coaxial reverse transmission box. The reverse transmission box is mainly a modification kit used to solve the model axle effect. It can be upgraded to coaxial reverse transmission by replacing the original car transfer case. At the same time, it does not affect the installation of the two-speed conversion parts of the original car. Axial effect is a common problem in model cars, especially in climbing model cars. The specific manifestations are as follows: when the vehicle starts with a stationary large throttle, the body will obviously tilt to one side, and when the vehicle is climbing a certain side The front wheels will suddenly lift, losing grip, and prematurely losing balance. VP-PRO launched 1/10 four-wheel drive electric front tire VP-304. Players can choose wheels with different adapters, including Associated Hexagon (10MM), Durango / Xray Hexagon (14MM), Kyosho / SERPENT / hotbodies D4 inner hexagon (12MM). The tire skin has the following different hardness for players to choose, SF = super soft green dot, UF = medium soft white dot, MF = soft yellow dot.

Team Orion’s CRF21 engine, we took it apart at the Kyosho Masters Cup and saw very delicate details inside.