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Shepherd introduced the Velox V10 Nineteen 1/10 race-grade petrol-powered motorho Show Me Rc Cars me, which won third place at the recent IFMAR petrol world race in Miami (driver Edu Escandón). Prior to the launch of the ‘Nineteen’ vehicle, Shepherd had launched an upgrade kit for Velox V10, allow Traxxas Slash Platinum ing V10 to upgrade to Nineteen. The new car uses a new tail suspension setting to improve handling performance, especially on the track that requires strong braking, making the car easier to control. The 7075-T6 aluminum base plate is optimized for cutting, which increases the durability and optimizes the torsion characteristics of the frame. Nineteen is more compatible with engines / exhaust pipes from different manufacturers. The new car was recently launched.
Prerunner remote control car by Traxxas brand LaTrax. Earlier last year, LaTrax, a Traxxas brand, launched a new 1/18 Desert Desert Prerunner mini four-wheel drive remote control car (ProGraphix). ProGraphix cars are the main appearance of Traxxas this year. Independent suspension and metal gear front and rear differentials, waterproof electronic equipment, all-terrain all-weather walking ability, durable. RTR products, 2.4G remote control and simple charger are also included in the product. Cost-effective products, the car also brings fun to play. Enjoy the new video Made for Racing | LaTrax Desert Prerunner.

Kyosho (京 商) launched the DRX VE 1/9 4WD electric pull remote Jconcepts Drag Car control car. This is an RTR product, aluminum frame, 2.4GHz remote control kit. The power configuration is very ideal. Use Team Orion Vortex 10 2400kv brushless motor plus Vortex R10 Sport electronic gearshift! The sealed frame can effectively resist the intrusion of dust into the frame, allowing players to enjoy the fun brought by off-road pulling. For the car body, the Subaru Impreza and Ford Fiesta rally cars are selected, and the authenticity is extremely high! Can Rally Cars Set off a New Wave? Please wait and see!

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CEN Racing will launch the new MT series 1/10 straight axle electric truck at the end of May. The models are B50 and HL150, whi Traxxas Slash Platinum ch are authorized by Ford. RTR products, four-wheel drive, equipped with surplus power. The new car will be on display at the Solid Showdown event in Virginia, USA this weekend.

Sav \u0026 ouml Jconcepts Drag Car ; x’s SC-125x series servos are extremely powerful, and the speed is quite good. The steering gear is equipped with titanium-plated high-precision cutting metal gears to make the steering gear run smo Tamiya Rc Kits other and generate less heat. A 12-bit microprocessor can process signal pulses more quickly. There are several models to choose from. Among them, SC-1256TG is very powerful, the torque reaches 20kg-cm \\ 15 sec / 60 °, and the speed of SC-1257TG reaches 0.07 sec / 60 °, which is quite fast in a 10kg-cm torque servo.

Pro-line introduces new 1/8 off-road tires, which are developed from the old Hole Shot MTR. The first official use was at the US truck Nationals and won the championship. .

This tire is available in M2 (medium) and M3 (soft) formulas. It uses an oversized inner liner to prevent the tire from over-inflating when accelerating. The small spike design can Use on firmer roads

Awesomatix from Russia will launch a limited edition MMCX-Middle Motor Conversion Set to the same factory A800X electric motorhome. This kit can make the four-wheel drive system more symmetrical, including equal-length front and rear drive belts and the same belt pressure, and the interaction force is more even during acceleration and braking. Limited kits, I believe the recent sale.