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Xray officially launched the new Formula X1 r Traxxas Slash Rtr emote control car kit, developed by Martin Hudy in collaboration with Francesco Traxxas Slash Parts Martini and Jan Ratheisky. In the recent ETS (European Touring Car Series) F1 group e Traxxas Slash Roll Cage vent, Xray’s X1 prototype has won. The X1 uses an ultra-narrow 2.5mm-thick carbon fiber baseplate. The frame is optimized for twist performance to ensure extremely high cornering speeds and good grip. 2S short-life lithium battery can be used, and various adjustments can be made according to the location of the battery and the installation position of the electronic equipment, and different center of gravity distribution of the frame can be arranged. The front suspension uses a carbon fiber double rocker design, including caster, rolling center and vehicle height, which can be easily adjusted and set, and the site adaptability is greatly improved. The rear suspension uses a twisted link assembly. In addition to the vertical suspension system, the horizontal suspension system is also equipped with a hydraulic suspension. 7075-T6 aluminum motor base, large rear bead differential, high-speed bearings, two different downforce rear fins and an optimized aerodynamic body are included in the product. I believe that XrayX1 is a highly competitive racing-level formula remote control car.

Naoto Matsukura organizes JMRCA (All Japan Contest) electric off-road vehicle 2wd and 4wd two championships! The event will be held at the refurbished Yatabe Arena, a remote-controlled car complex that will host the ATS (Asian Electric House Series) next week. Naoto has already won two 1/12 electric flat car world championship titles at a young age. This year he used the Yokomo B-Max2 and B-Max4 cars for the JMRCA e-Vietnam race. In the 2WD category, Kohta Akimoto (Kyosho Kyosho driver) won the second place, and Tamiya driver Satoshi Maezumi won. In the 4WD category, the runner-up is Shin Adachi, a veteran of the car industry, and the second runner-up is Yokomo driver Keisuke Enomoto.

4WD Top Three:

Car God wide board Zhengmei

Source: Neobuggy.net \u0026 amp; JMRCA


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Recently, the GoPro Hero4 series of sports cameras officially debuted, and Replay (Team Asso Traxxas Slash Parts ciated distribution agency brand), which focuses on the RC sports recording market, also recently launched a new product, and the latest Prime X “action” sports camera was launched. Based on the existing XD1080 model, it offers a 145-degree shooting angle and a T2.8 lens, a 16MP CMOS sensor, and a water resistance of 3 meters. It can obtain sharp effects whet Traxxas Slash Roll Cage her it is video or photo shooting. The 1700mAh battery provides 3.5 hours of The Best Remote Control Cars continuous shooting life, and the charging time is twice as fast as existing products! Support iOS or Andorid APP, WIFI transmission. Compared to GoPro products, Replay is easier to install on the remote control car shell and has a lower center of gravity.
HobbyKing’s 1/10 Quanum Destroyer (Vandal) four-wheel drive electric racing off-road vehicle (KIT version) is available for purchase at RCFans. The Quanum Destroyer 1/10 4WD remote-controlled off-road vehicle can run on the dusty track. This is a pre-installed Kit version of the off-road vehicle. Players only need to add power system, steering servo, 2-channel remote control and lithium battery. On the road. The lightweight design of the chassis achieves the perfect balance of strength and weight. In addition, a powerful four-wheel drive system with sufficient torque is provided, as well as an adjustable limited slip differential that protects the transmission system and metal gear front / rear differential.
Yeah Racing Formula 1 carbon fiber empty car set, after the final test of driver Kitazawa, Transformula (Yeah Racing TRANSFORMULA F1 conversion kit) is expected to be officially launched in October … based on the market, more than the Formula 1 remote control model uses T-Bar system, and Kitazawa believes that the Linkage system will have a better effect in the race on high speed and center of gravity control … so Transformula was born, and the one-car, two-system design meets the difficulties of Formula One enthusiasts in choosing T-Bar or Linkage Now … more

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Prev Traxxas Slash Roll Cage iously, The Best Remote Control Cars Laoou tried to install Serpent’s SDX4 four-wheel drive battery. I feel b Reddit Rc Cars etter about this newly launched 1 to 10 four-wheel drive battery. The advantages and disadvantages are in the car stickers. Those who like to play four-wheel drive battery can move around Look.
[xohobby20170620] Serpent SDX4 1/10 four-wheel drive electric drive in old Europe
Area Rc introduces a chassis protection plate for LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline vehicles. The product is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6 CNC. The main function is to protect the car from long-distance off-road and flying slopes. The thickness of 4MM greatly ensures the service life while also taking into account the lightweight design! Colors available: silver, blue, red. Product equipment: countersunk head M6 * 20MM * 2PCS, countersunk head M6 * 25MM * 2PCS.
PROTOform’s 1: 8 flat road car shell has a better aerodynamic design and lower center of gravity to get more downforce during driving! PROTOform Shadow has been approved by Ifmar and meets all Ifmar regulations!
Source: (RedRC \u0026 amp; Proline)The Traxxas Bandit rear-drive electric off-road vehicle was replaced with two new coatings (product number 24054-4). The blue and red Bandit was equipped with waterproof electronic equipment for outdoor crossing and the top speed was close to 60km / h.