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The new Team Associated Factory Team RC10R5 is launched for the fast-growing 1 to 10 GT level running market. AE has more than 25 years of history of producing 1:10 and 1:12 flat sports cars, and has won many world championships. We can expect the RC10R5 to be an excellent platform. The fram Traxxas Stampede Shocks e is made of 2.5mm carbon fiber board, and the ball-type rear suspension system can independently adjust the rolling and shock absorption characteristics of the frame.

The RC10R5 features new shocks that have a through-shaft design, making for equalized damping throughout the full stroke of the shock in both directions, without any unwanted rebound. The center shock tower has four mounting positions that split the spring rates for even finer adjustments. The new center shock also controls the chassis droop a Remote Control Car Parts nd can be adjusted on the car with a turnbuckle wrench, Wraith Spawn making it easier and quicker to get dialed in.

The RC10R5’s’ Active Strut ‘front end has been optimized, featuring symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut. Factory Team blue aluminum servo mounts position the servo flat on the chassis for a lower center of gravity and include Ackermann adjustment spacers.

The foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impacts. The RC10R5 features a wide rear pod optimized and balanced for brushless, woven carbon fiber top plate, and Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left-side bulkhead. The woven carbon fiber top plate attaches to the motor mount and leftside bulkhead at four points, making the RC10R5’s rear pod more rigid and durable. The RC10R5 uses 90% of the same parts as the RC12R5, making it easier than ever for current 1:12 scale racers to jump into the fun of bigger cars with scale bodies that is the World GT class.

RC10R5 Factory Team features: < br>-Designed to fit World GT racing class specs
-Wide rear pod is balance-optimized for brushless motors and features Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left bulkhead
-New Factory Team pivot ball-link chassis allows for independent adjustment for roll, bump, and alignment
-The pivot ball-link chassis has proven to be more durable in high speed impacts and better in bumpy track conditions
-New Factory Team shocks feature a through-shaft design , making for equal damping with no rebound in both directions
-Updated active s trut front end features symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut
-Woven carbon fiber center shock tower allows for incremental adjustments of rear spring rate
-2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis
-Full ball bearing
-Ball differential
-Foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impact
-Servo mounts flat for a lower CG and includes Ackermann adjustment spacers

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SKYRC Shenzhen Sky Innovation Technology has introduced a D200 dual output 200W AC / DC charger with an electric iron. With backlit display, 5 touch menu buttons, supports up to 6S lithium battery or 15 NiXX type batteries, D200 can also charge the new generation polymer Rc Rock Crawler Rc Buggy battery with saturation voltage of 4.35V, and can also charge 2 to 24V batteries. Dual charging output, up to 20A (main) and 10A (second group output), D200 can charge two battery packs at the same time. When AC power is connected, the maximum outpu Traxxas Dragster t power of the two channels can be manually assigned, and the sum is 200W. Can set the lithium battery charge cut-off voltage (TVC). Can detect battery voltage and estimate battery internal resistance. With over-current, over-charge, over-temperature protection and charging time limit function. 60W electric soldering iron, the working temperature can reach 450 degrees (with a soldering iron tip and a flat head each). Comes with 20 sets of battery data, can be recalled at any time when needed, no need to set again. ‘Charge Master’ software can operate the charger from a computer. Other data such as total voltage, single cell voltage and charging time can be monitored, and charging data can be observed through real-time graphics. It is possible to start / control the charger and upgrade the firmware via ‘Charge Master’.

VBC Racing has launched two sets of upgraded conversion kits for Xray T3 2011/2012 electric RVs, namely Flex and Stiff kits. The kit includes a newly designed 88mm width base plate with a thickness of 2.0mm (Flex Kit) and 2.5mm (Stiff Kit). The corresponding n Traxxas Stampede Shocks ew second floor also uses the same thickness of the baseplate. The VBC designed head and tail hydraulic bracket can provide a variety of suspension mounting angles and more adjustable hole positions, making the car more adaptable. A carbon fiber bumper, a carbon fiber motor protector, and an adjustable battery mount with sensor mounting location are included in the kit. The steering part uses a set of 7075 aluminum steering components with a low center of gravity. The VBC factory recommends using the Flex kit on asphalt and low-grid tracks to effectively increase the car’s grip; on high-grid tracks, such as carpet tracks, the Stiff kit is not suitable.


Remote Control Car Parts, Traxxas Stampede Shocks, Traxxas Dragster

Uncle Ken Block Brick posted photos on his Facebook page, but not a new dri Traxxas Dragster ft car, but a 1/10 Ford Mustang Hoonic Traxxas Stampede Shocks orn RTR electric remote control car. The highly simulated car shell and details are believed to be the biggest selling point. More information is announced recently.
In addition, the Ford Fiesta version of HPI ’s Micro RS4 mini remote control car has also recently appeared on HPI’s promotional channels. In cooperation with Ken Block and Hoonigan, the KB live event in the United States for the public to experience. It seems that after the acquisition of HPI, products, publicity and other operations gradually returned to normal.
Arrowmax launches a new gear series, which is made of s Remote Control Car Parts pecial synthetic materials and has a hollowed-out design with sufficient strength and extremely light weight. After installing AM, the car becomes very quiet, providing the number of teeth suitable for most current 1/10 electric RVs and rear-drive electric road cars, including 86T to 110T (64P) and 68T to 88T (48P).
SUPER DIFF GEAR 64P 86T, 90T, 94T, 98T, 102T, 106T, 110T
SUPER DIFF GEAR 48P 68T, 68T, 72T, 74T, 76T, 80T, 84T, 88T
Enter the Arrowmax brand zone to participate Interactive- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter
As the end of the second season of ‘I Say My Car’, we plan to chat with the representative brand in the RC world: Axial. In addition, we also specially invited the members of Qinhuangdao to share with you.
Axial series frame is the first choice for many model friends to enter the mold, and also has made a lot of popular models. From the RR10 and Wraith we have been talking about, to the SCX10 models that have been updated in recent years. Coupled with long-term market accumulation, as well as the huge holdings and diverse options of spare parts. Then, as the SCX10 beam car is mostly used for the simulation processing of the hard shell design, so the hard shell processing is also a point of Zhen Jianmo’s ability. Today we will share with you the deep modification of the SCX10 second-generation frame and the hard-shell old method.