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Nosram’s Matrix Evolution ESC launches a ‘Spec Racing’ version. While improving the hardware, there are 4 ‘Spec Racing’ settings files that can further squeeze the power. Compared with the original brushless ESC, the new model can provide a higher speed and torque (no matter how much T) for the STOCK brushless motor. In addition, there are high-power settings files used by the other 4 Modified groups to keep your car at maximum combat power at any time.

Kyosho plans to launch the new Mini-Z MR-03EVO 1/28 mini remote control car (mosquito car) in December 2 Axial Trail Honcho 01 Remote Control Car Kits For Beginners 8. According to the spy photos, the new Traxxas X01 car will use a ‘plug-in’ receiver, allowing consumers to use KO remote control equipment that Futaba, Sanwa and Kyosho have cooperated for many years. Today Kyosho provides the latest intro video.Pro-Line launches Flo-Tek car shells for Slash, Slash 4X4, SC10, Ultima SC and Blitz short-haul trucks. This is the first SC (short card) car shell with ‘parachute’ feature, which can make the car jump to the ground. After maintaining a better posture, I believe the actual effect is known to players.
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Beginning in February, Beijing Jingshang Company will launch the AKA brand. The brand’s first products are high-performance 1 to 8 off-road tires, liners and wheels. Mark Pavidis and Gil Losi, Jr. lead the design of this new product line. This tire has absorbed the design of many successful off-road tires in the past 10 years, and will be available in BUGGY and TRUGGY versions and 2 components. The shape of the liner matches the tire, and there are large-diameter inertia wheels. A pre-bonded version will also be released.

Losi Mini Desert Truck, Traxxas X01, Remote Control Car Kits For Beginners

KYOSHO launched the SYNCRO KT-432PT remote control. The four-channel transmitter adopts a lar Remote Control Car Kits For Beginners ge color LCD dis Traxxas X01 play, allowing players to operate as easily as a smartphone. All transmitter settings are presented through modular graphic design and charts, even for beginners. Easy to use, and can be connected to a computer via USB for software updates and program downloads. KT-432PT has built-in game sound simulation software to simulate the engine and exhaust of various racing cars through the built-in speaker of the transmitter. KT-432PT adopts FHS / FHSS 2.4GH dual-mode syst Losi Mini Desert Truck em, so it can be compatible with all RYO models of KYOSHO series including MR-03S / MA-020S / MOTO of MINI-Z series. It can be adapted through the KR331 receiver in the package. KYOSHO full range of large scale remote control model cars.
Main features:
● Upgraded operating system developed for MINI-Z SPORTS series
● FHS / FHSS communication protocol dual mode switching system MINI-Z SPORTS FHS2.4GHz mode / FHSS 1Way (KR331) / FHSS 2way (KR-431T)
● The new KR-431T receiver supports a new two-way transmission mode. The vehicle data can be detected by the induction module. The color LCD display is displayed in graphs and graphics.
● Support temperature / voltage sensors (Requires KR-431T receiver)
● The operating system can be connected to the computer via a USB port to upgrade
● 5 language modes support full Chinese operation interface
● Full Chinese manual developed for the Chinese market
The profit of Syncro KT-432PT touch screen system greatly enhances the fun of remote control model cars. The smart phone-type touch screen allows users to operate more intuitively. When you want to know the driving status of the vehicle, you only need to touch the screen a few times. The information you need is instantly available. L / R FREE STYLE Regardless of the left-hand or right-hand control of the user, you can adjust to a comfortable holding position. For users of the MINI-Z SPORTS series, KT-432PT provides special functions to adjust the gyro sensitivity of the vehicle through the screen, which greatly enhances the playability and competition of the MINI-Z SPORTS series.
KT-432PT detailed configuration:
Color LCD liquid crystal display / FHS / FHSS dual mode system / Gyro control system (MINI-Z SPORTS) / Bidirectional transmission system sensor detection function (sold separately) / 20 sets of models Memory / Servo commutation / Game timer / Left-handed adapter / USB firmware upgrade data cable / AA battery compartment (4 sections)
KT432PT Set includes:
KT-432PT transmitter / Enlarge the rubber grip / USB data cable / KR-431T receiver