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Last week, Hobao gave the 2007 European Championship and top driver Robert Batlle a beta version of the Hyper 9 that has not yet been mass-produced. Robert launched the test on the flat and high-speed Catalan circuit in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

In the just-concluded U.S. World Cup warm-up, we have seen Hyper 9 driven by Jeremy Kortz, and we feel that Hyper 9 has great potential on a typical U.S. circuit, because Korts broke that venue. recording. So whether Hyper 9 can perform equally well in Europe and is durable enough, this question is very interesting.

After testing a few tanks of oil, Robert began to be very impressed with the overall leaps and bounds of Hyper 9. Robert says the car feels very light and balanced, which is probably related to the unique engine placement. Compared with 8.5, Hyper 9 has made great progress. Robert also tested his ultimate modification and was equipped with a Torsen differential Hyper 8.5. It is definitely not enough in one day to find the suspension installation location of Hyper 9 and the best configuration of medium differential oil, and understand the overall reaction of the car. So the lap time of 8.5 is slightly faster than this beta version of Hyper 9, but the gap is small. In terms of reliability, Robert bent a few bolts and damaged several wings. But this looks good for the test car. However, the wind wing does seem a bit fragile, and the Hobao factory should improve it. Robert plans to face a decision at the World Championship two months later. Will he delve into this huge Hyper 9 or use the super fast but leapfrog 8.5?

As early as March, Serpent Snake revealed that it will launch a new generation of racing and 1/10 oil-powered motorhome Natrix 748 (Water Snake). Now Serpent officially announced the details of the new car. Designed by Michael Salven, the Serpent plant team collected feedback information collected from the 747 frame for research Trx4 Body and developmen Good Remote Control Car t. The new 748 uses a lot of 1/8 Viper 977 design concepts, including a fully adjustable steering system and throttle linkage, flat steering and throttle steering gear. The installation position is also closer to the centerline of the frame, which can improve handling performance. The new design of the bottom plate, the engine installation position is shifted back, in order to obtain better weight distribution, new fuel tanks, anti-roll bar to reset the installation position, lightweight countershafts, etc. all appeared on the new 748 car. The 748 will be easier to maintain, lighter and faster!
– 7075-T6 aluminum floor and new engine installation location
– 2mm carbon fiber second floor with twist adjustable design
–Steering gear installation position closer to the c Big Rc Trucks Gas Powered enterline of the frame < br> –Ultra-low-resistance brake and throttle linkage
–Small receiver box
–Carbon fiber receiver battery holder
–75cc low center of gravity fuel tank
–Ultra-short body RCM shock absorber
– 3mm thick carbon fiber hydraulic mount
–Spring steel axles
–Front and rear gear differentials
–SL6 gearboxes
–True Motion Centax clutches

Trx4 Body, Dude Perfect Rc, Wall Climbing Rc Car

In the last week of May, Wall Climbing Rc Car Xray announced the XB8 2016 gasoline-powered off-road vehicle. Dude Perfect Rc Yesterday Xray also introduced the 2016 new XB8E 1/8 electric brushless racing off-road vehicle kit. After collecting feedback from the factory fleet and players around the world, Xray continued to use the successful XB8 platform for upgrades, designed by Martin Bayer.
The 2016 new car has undergone some upgrades and enhancements, including suspension components, new floor plates, transmission components, etc. The first is 7075-T6 aluminum. The weight-optimized bottom plate has been shortened by 4mm, moving the center of gravity forward, and the narrower front design can improve steering performance and increase walking stability. The new battery and electronic transmission fixing plate can find the right balance weight position whether using a single 4S or two 2S lithium batteries.
Ball suspension is also used in the new electric XB8E. Like the oil-powered version, the electric XB8E also has a special two-piece design. The aluminum ball head and steel shaft can reduce weight and make it easier to adjust the suspension angle setting. A 18.5mm large-capacity shock absorber is also standard.
The steering assembly has also been replaced with a new design. The new double rocker design provides more Ackermann hole positions.
In the transmission part, the gearbox shell has been strengthened, and the axle cup of the differential has been lengthened to ensure that it will not shift during the steering process. The new front, middle and rear CVD drive shafts are equipped with a plastic dust cover, which makes it easier to disassemble and maintain the CVD.

Team Magic announced the latest plan of the plant, a 1 to 8 gasoline road car that is still in the prototype stage. It can be seen that there are still many white samples, and of course there will be some improvements when the final version is released. The car has not been named.

-Lightweight Precise Bulkhead \u0026 amp; Mount
-Quick Release Front One-way \u0026 amp; Rear Spool
-Quick Release 2 Speed ​​System < br>-ED Transmission System w / Alum. Pulley
-Flying Wing Arm System
-Special Front / Rear Anti-Roll Bar Trx4 Body
-Exclusive Receiver Box
-Adjustable Roll Center Design
– Wheelbase Adjustable
-True \u0026 amp; Actual Size Spur Gear / Pinion Gear
-Lightweight Universal Joint and Wheel Shaft
-Low Profile Dual Laydown Servo Design
-K Factory LX Shock System
-Extra Slim Chassis Design
-Quick Change Wheel System
-Pivot Ball Suspension System
-Auto Centralization Rear Body Mount
-Centralization \u0026 amp; Low CG
-User-Friendly Design
-New Generation Gear Ratio