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Wltoys 12428 Upgrade

Traxxas T Maxx Bumper, Wltoys 12428 Upgrade, Remote Control Race Car Track

The X-Optima receiver series is launched Remote Control Race Car Track for players at a stable and affordable price. Recently, 3 receiver m Wltoys 12428 Upgrade odels have been listed, as follows:
XO-K1 Gyro (KO remote control is suitable for gyro function carts) Standard receiver)
XO-K2 Gyro (KO remote control for micro mosquito car ultra-small receiver with built-in gyroscope function)
XO-F2 (Futaba remote control micro mosquito car ultra-small receiver) br> Trailer: In June 2018, XO-F1, the standard car receiver suitable for Futaba remote control will soon pass the test and go on the ma Traxxas T Maxx Bumper rket.
The following is the introduction of 3 types of receivers:
X-Optima KO PROPO remote control Gyro Receiver is compatible with FHSS KR212 (XO-K1 Gyro); X-Optima KO PROPO Remote Control Gyro Receiver is compatible with FHSS (XO-K1 Gyro). This receiver is a built-in gyroscope of XO-K1 receiver The system version, format and size are the same as the XO-K1 receiver. It is used in the same way as the KO original KR212 receiver. Application: KO PROPO EX-1 / EX-2 / EX-RR / RF-904FH / RF-903FH and other FHSS remote control transmitters. Features: 1 / standard 2.4G FHSS; 2/2 channels; 3 / weight 7.9g; 4 / size 28 * 23 * 16mm; 5 / high voltage 4.8v ~ 7.4v; 6 / compatible with all response modes; 7 / runaway protection Function; 8 / Built-in electronic gyroscope system.
X-Optima KO PROPO Remote Control Mosquito Mini Mini Gyro Receiver Compatible FHSS (XO-K2 Gyro), X-Optima KO PROPO remote control mosquito car Mini car gyroscope 2-channel receiving compatible FHSS (XO-K2 Gyro), this is a miniature receiver with built-in electronic gyroscope system. With electronic gyroscope function and receiver function at the same time, there is no need to connect an external electronic gyroscope device, and no extra electronic device space is required. It can be installed on a mini remote control vehicle effortlessly and set traction control and steering correction control (CH3 and CH4 are used to set traction and steering parameters). Application: KO PROPO EX-1 / EX-2 / EX-RR / RF-904FH / RF-903FH and other FHSS remote control transmitters. Features: 1 / standard 2.4G FHSS, 2/2 channels, 3 / weight 3g, 4 / micro size 24 * 15.5 * 7mm, 5 / high voltage 4.8v ~ 7.4v, 6 / compatible with all response modes, 7 / out of control protection Function, 8 / built-in electronic gyroscope system.
X-Optima Futaba remote S-FHSS mosquito car micro receiver compatible (XO-F2) X-Optima Futaba remote control S-FHSS mosquito car micro receiver compatible (XO-F2), can be used for Futaba 7PX / 4PX / 4PV / 3PV …. S-FHSS standard remote control is applicable, check Futaba official website or have There is a receiver box. If it is S-FHSS, it can be used for frequency comparison. Offering full 4 channels and light weight micro size, it is ideal for Mini mosquito car Mini remote control racing. Features: 1 / Futaba 2.4GHz S-FHSS system; 2 / High performance CPU to improve the sense of control accuracy; 3 / Full 4 channel support; 4 / Micro size 23 * 15.5 * 7 mm; 5 / Suitable for miniature RC racing chassis; 6 / Can set fail-safe protection fail-safe function; 7 / High voltage 4.8v ~ 7.4v; 8 / Weight 2.7g. Scope of application: 7PX / 4PX / 4PV / 3PV … and other S-FHSS standard Futaba remote control is applicable. The product contains: 1 x 1.5mm 3P JST interface plug cable for receiver
Frequency control and runaway protection Setting method: Turn on the power of the transmitter of the remote control and connect the power of the receiver at the same time. Adjust the parameter position of each channel of the transmitter of the remote control, and preset the command position of each channel under the factors such as signal loss or interference (such as CH1 steering stays in neutral position, CH2 throttle stays in the closed or brake state, CH3 stays connected if other devices are connected In neutral off state, etc.). At this time, enter the remote control transmitter’s frequency-linking menu to enter the frequency-linking mode. When the power-on indicator of the receiver is always on, press and hold the frequency-link setting key. After 2 seconds, the indicator light flashes quickly and then returns to normal. Complete and save the safety status data of each channel when out of control protection. Turn the remote control transmitter off and then on again, and the receiver will work.
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Scx10 Axles, Traxxas T Maxx Bumper, Wltoys 12428 Upgrade

In order to thank a large number of loyal customers in China, Hooying Technology Co., Ltd. commissioned the car model to carry out the 2015 Double Eleven Special Shopping Month, to give its users the best car model brushless power system.
The first phase (11 / 11-11 / 17) XERUN V3.1 top ESC, XERUN V10 motor
The second Wltoys 12428 Upgrade phase (11 / 18-11 / 24) XERUN V10 / BANDIT G2 motor
The third issue (11 / 25-11 / 30) XERUN XR10 JS set
The fourth issue (12 / 1-12 / 6) XERUN XR8 PLUS Traxxas T Maxx Bumper top 1: 8 ESC
The fifth issue (12/7 -12/12) EZRUN MAX series and package
The second phase of the second generation–G2
This issue brings you to the recent G10 motors of the V10 and BANDIT series launched by Hooying, which is also the second generation 1/10 racing motor. In the recent major events, the amazing speed shown by the G2 motor has caused a sensation.
The number of products participating in the event is limited, while stocks last.
XeRun V10 G2 brushless motor is specially designed for top races of 1/10 and 1/12 model cars that meet the rules of IFMAR, ROAR, BRCA, JMRCA, etc. It can fully meet these high-level races. Demanding requirements. It is the perfect combination of outstanding performance and avant-garde design, and incorporates a number of industry-leading cutting-edge technologies, bringing professional players with the best control feel and a steady stream of power. Continuously adjustable mechanical timing and a variety of rotor options allow riders to more precisely adj Scx10 Axles ust the motor output characteristics. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes, the motor requires only minimal daily maintenance to maintain its excellent performance.
Special price
Special price 342 yuan (original price 388 yuan)
Purchase instructions: V10 series has 4.5 5.5 7.5 8.5 10.5 13.5 21.5 seven T number to choose from. The BANDIT series is available in four T numbers of 10.5 13.5 17.5 21.5.
please enterTekin introduces the new RSX Pro 1/10 racing-grade brushless electronic transmission. Designed for 1/10 modified events, using the new FET package and PCB, providing strong power output and more accurate throttle control, supporting 2S-3S lithium battery, motor limitation 2S: 2.5T 2-pole 36mm can, 3S: 10.5 T 2-pole 36mm can / 3500kV, 210A peak current, built-in 6.0V / 7.4V @ 5.5A BEC, support both inductive and non-inductive motors. Adjustable torque control, adjustable throttle and braking frequency, HotWire programming interface; adopt 6061-T6 aluminum heat dissipation case, size 31.2 × 37.2x21mm, weight 40 grams. Whether it is a 1/10 electric RV, electric off-road vehicle, short card, F1 or the oval racing car in North America, Tekin RSX Pro can do it.