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Typhon Rc Car, Zd Racing, 1 10 Scale Rock Crawler

Tamiya Lancia 037 on an Alpine Rally, produced by Matteo ‘s RC Movies. TA02-S short wheelbase 1 10 Scale Rock Crawler frame. This 1/10 electric remote control car uses Group B’s classic Lancia shell. On the WRC field, Rally 037 It is the last rear-wheel drive car to truly beat the four-wheel drive opponents. In the 12 race Zd Racing s of the 1983 season, Rally 037 won 5 times, and finally won the annual manufacturer’s championship for Lancia Lancia; at the same time in Rally Typhon Rc Car 037 You can also see a lot of new materials, the doors, fenders and hood are made of Kevlar fiber. These materials were very small at the time and costly. Tamiya restored this classic rally car When it comes to remote control cars, high simulation and extreme detail completion, huge front and rear spoilers, rearview mirrors, wipers and riders all appear in remote control cars.MuchMore launches a setting board with LED light source. The LED light source is installed at the bottom of the entire setting board, which can effectively illuminate the surface of the board. Power 12W, weight 2200 grams. Available this month.


Size 480 x 360 x 12mm
Weight: 2,200g
Input Voltage: DC12v ~ 13.8v
Power Consumption: 12 watts
Light Source: LED
Rated Life: 50,000times
Temperature Range: 0 ~ 40C
Acrylic material: Board
Carrying bag material: Oxford, nylon, PVC

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Rc Car Light Kit, Typhon Rc Car, Zd Racing

The clothing is produced by a domestic foundry with an international brand. The material is the same as the brand that sells 3,400 pieces. This product is the first official clothing product released by RCFans, which is a limited edition. The price is undecided. But certainly not expensive. It will be on sale as early as next week only in black. A while ago we did a T-SHIRT price vote. The last vote was based on T-SHIRT. But what we are doing now is POLO SHIRT. Collared clothes will be more expensive than T-SHIRT, and we have specially selected good mat Zd Racing erials, which have good air permeability and durability. So the price will be higher accordingly. Front renderings
Back renderingsArrma launches the new Notorious 6S BLX 1/8 electric big foot remote control car. Supports 6S lithium battery, equipped with four-pole BLX 2050kV brushless motor and 150A VLX185 electronic transmission, allowing this big truck to easily lift and flip! 3mm thi Typhon Rc Car ck aluminum base plate, all-metal gear triple differential transmission system, steel drive shaft, 15 kg torque steering gear, high-grip dBoots Back-Flip tires, long-stroke suspension and sturdy suspension rocker arm plus The large-capacity aluminum shock absorbers make this big bike sturdy and durable, regardless of any terrain.Kyosho Kyosho America Corp. sent news that Kyosho will launch the new Inferno GT2 Type-R 1/8 oil-driven flat road remote control car to meet the growing demand for the GT remote control car market. The new car is upgraded and strengthened based on the GT2 chassis, and nearly 20 upgraded parts and components are added to comprehensively improve performance. The chassis’s twisting performance has been optimized, the grip on the rear has been further improved, and the Rc Car Light Kit braking system has been upgraded. Adopt MP9 TKI3 layout, aluminum hydraulic shock absorber, integrated central drive shaft, F1.0mm clutch spring can provide more stable clutch performance, 3D designed bumper rod can improve aerodynamic performance, make the car walk more stable. The Type-R kit will include 45-degree bald tires and 5 rims. The products meet the Kyosho Cup competition requirements and can participate in Kyosho and major GT events.