Terms & Condition

I am a social media marketing service reseller not service provider. Service details are just estimations provided by the various service providers, I don't disclose any provider details to users. After placing order it is possible that service will not work as described in details section, Kindly cooperate in that kind of situation, I always forward order related queries to respective providers, If provider will not resolve the issue, then I will not be responsible anyhow. If you agree with this conditions then only place further orders otherwise please don't clame on this basis.

Rules -

1. Put correct link in link box, Link should be public and count number should be shown to all people for all the orders, if mistake found by your end, refund will be provided by deducting 2 Rupee (each order.).

Before placing order on same link, make sure previous order has been completed , otherwise your order will be failed and refund will provided by deducting 2 Rupees ( each order ) ; same rule applied for drip feed runs.

Get 3% discount on manual payments.

2. We only Recommend Guaranteed Refill services for the best experience of the users.

3. If you want to go with No refill/guarantee services then place order at your risk only, if it drops or service don't get complete, we will not be responsible.

4. After adding money don't ask for refund, if you do so 18% will be charged.

And money will be refunded on the same details of which payment has been made.

5. Drip Feed - option set interval no less than 20 minutes.

Also set variables in way so that order don't get overlapped it means one order should get completed before next run. Other wise some runs will get cancelled and no refund for the same will be provided.

6. Read out description and Service details, you can also contact admin through WhatsApp button before placing an order to confirm real time service details , quality , speed .

7. All the service details provided are based on estimations . They may not accurate so please don't claim on that basis, for Accuracy of the services contact admin before going with an service .